Reiki Level 3

  • Reiki Level 3

Advanced Reiki Training (Level 3) is for those beautiful souls who would like to be attuned to the Usui Master symbol, but do not wish to attune others to Reiki at this time. In this class you will:

• Become attuned to the Usui Master Symbol, which will enhance the qualities of the other symbols and creates a noticeably stronger connection between your physical self and your Higher Self.
• Learn how to make a Reiki Crystal Grid that can send Reiki continuously.
• Experience the Reiki Moving Meditation, which integrates the Reiki energy more directly into aura and the physical body.
• Meet your Reiki Guides through a guided meditation.
• Learn and practice Reiki Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery), which assists in removing negative psychic energy from yourself and others.

Prerequisites: Reiki Levels 1 & 2